Virtual Events in May - este un proiect non-profit ce are ca scop crearea unui spatiu virtual de gazduire a informatiilor despre locașurile de cult din România. - Situl Bisericilor din România

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Știri și Evenimente

Virtual Events in May

Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

Thank you for participating in our Virtual Pilgrimages/Events.

This coming month we will have two (2) Virtual Events: one (1) Writer's Chat and one (1) Lebanon Meet and Greet. Please see invitations below to join us on our Lebanon Meet and Greet and our Writer's Chat.

Please note: if you would like to participate in multiple pilgrimages/events, you must register for each one separately.

All times are in Eastern Time: U.S. and Canada (New York time).

Lebanon Meet and Greet

Donors to our Friends of Lebanon project are gathering this Friday, May 7th at 11:00 AM for a Meet and Greet with the leaders in Lebanon who are distributing the funds. Learn about the current situation in Lebanon by those who live there and are working to keep Christians in their beloved homeland. We will discuss how we have helped to date and what we can do in the months ahead.

Donate here to join the conversation and receive newsletter updates!

Those who have already donated to our Lebanon Relief Project will receive an invitation a few days beforehand.

Donate Now!

Inside the Vatican Writer's Chat

You are invited! Join us Friday, May 28th, as we chat with Dr. Jane Adolphe, one of our Top Ten people of 2020.

You do not want to miss this one! Jane Adolphe worked in the Vatican's Secretary of State office for more than 10 years.

1:00 p.m. Writer's Chat Begins

Don't forget to register to join Inside the Vatican Friday, May 28, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

Register for May 28th

Why join us live? So you don't miss the interactive participation during the pilgrimage and the robust conversation at the end -- not available on the YouTube video.

If you are late, do not worry! Our virtual pilgrimage vessel allows you to "hop on, hop off" at your convenience.

If you would like the see the schedule for upcoming virtual pilgrimages, click here. If you should have a particular place that you would like to visit, send me an email and we will try to add it to our upcoming Virtual Pilgrimages.

In case you could not join us for an entire pilgrimage, or missed a previous Virtual Pilgrimage, or just want to experience the pilgrimage all over again, you can view our pilgrimages on our YouTube channel here. If you enjoy our videos, please like, subscribe and enjoy! And, please share with your friends and ask them to subscribe to our channel, as well. We are uploading more of our videos including our older Virtual Pilgrimages so don't miss out!

In order to keep these virtual pilgrimages free, we rely on your donations. Several pilgrims have asked how to donate and the process is simple:

Click here to donate and you will be directed to our Urbi et Orbi Communications donation page. Urbi et Orbi Communications is our parent organization, which brings you Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages, Inside the Vatican Magazine, the Moynihan Letters, and the Urbi et Orbi Foundation.

For a free taste of Inside the Vatican Magazine you can click here.

We hope to see you again on our Virtual Pilgrimages. If you should have any questions, just send me an email.

If you have enjoyed these pilgrimages, please send us a review by replying to this email.

Best wishes to all and we look forward to our next encounter together on our virtual vessel, our internet pilgrimages!

Mary Blicharz

Pilgrimage Coordinator

Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages

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We ask you to support Urbi et Orbi Communications with a small or large contribution, at this difficult time, in order...

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